The chilly winter winds cannot stop the approach of spring as the seasons continue their endless shuffle. Bright flowers dot the scenery, while the animals roam free in the fresh air. With this beautiful season comes also the Lunar New Year, a time of celebration. Families gather on during this time of festivities and enjoy themselves in spring.

Hanzhen's pencil sketches capture the flora and fauna that come alive during spring in this festive season, with the flowers in bloom drawn to the most minute detail, alongside equally impressive renders of the birds and the butterflies that frolick around them. Lunar New Year can only be enhanced by this display, with the beauty of spring bringing the festive air to families everywhere.sively by Amari Hotel, Johor Bahru.


This mini exhibition of works by autistic savant artist, Hanzhen Yap, is brought to you exclusively by Amari Hotel, Johor Bahru.

5% of the all proceeds from this link will be allocated to Onyx Charity Funds.

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